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“A Navy SEAL, Millionaire, and the #1 North American Surgeon”

“What these 3 incredible people I coached ALL have in common (It’s NOT what you think) and 3
Lessons I learned!

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What is your Expert Status? Most authors do not understand their expert status and how to use it. We have found that most individuals lack confidence in their ability to share, speak and sell others on themselves and what they have to offer. We teach you how to get paid what you are worth as an author/speaker. Our coaching helps build your confidence to see the greatness within you and how your message will benefit the world.
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When you run out of leads, you run out of business so we teach you how to have unlimited leads as an author and speaker. Our coaching includes simple book marketing techniques to sell your books in bulk. We show you the best places to market your book and how to land highly-paid speaking engagements.
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The average author sells less than 150 books and never gets paid to speak. We teach you how to create a business so you can spread your message by selling books and speaking professionally. Learn how to get paid what you are worth and how to land long-term contracts for consulting, speaking, or training.
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The Samson Success 10-Day Breakthrough with Rocky Detwiler


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Rocky's Story

Hey Friend,
I’m excited you’ve taken your first step toward discovering the Greatness that lies inside YOU! Here’s the link to my video sharing the lessons I learned from three of my former clients, a Navy SEAL, Millionaire, and the #1 North American Surgeon.
I hope you enjoy this free gift and it helps you grow your author/speaker business.
Rocky Detwiler

WHO is Rocky Detwiler?

Over the past 10 years, Rocky’s incredible story of transformation has inspired millions around the globe. He has become the leading expert in the world on the positive Power of Words.