The Gratitude Journal

The Gratitude Journal

Designed to be used by men, women, teens & children, this 125-page gratitude journal will guide you through personal life change by focusing on the positive each day. Begin your day by recording 3 things you are grateful for and then record your life experiences in this beautifully crafted journal.

The Samson LIFE Gratitude Journal is YOUR journal. We suggest you begin each day by writing down three different things for which you are grateful. As you do this every day, you will find more things in your life to be grateful for and could possibly fill the entire page. Being grateful is the first step to creating happiness in your life. We encourage you to begin each day with a grateful attitude!

Besides being a place where you can capture daily gratitude moments, this journal can also be where you can record your daily thoughts and ideas. This is your opportunity to get “REAL” with yourself. It is the tool with which you will discover your fears and weaknesses as they presently are. Then, through the process of transformation, watch them evolve into strengths and accomplishments. Your journal will help enliven lost and forgotten dreams and help you discover new possibilities to achieve them. This is where your dreams evolve from internal desires, to written intent, to realistic commitment, to actual plans, and finally to reality.

This daily record of your life’s journey will help solidify your undeviating and uncompromising effort to become everything you are destined to be. Your life is your “hero’s journey” from your past to the legacy you desire to create, touching and uplifting the lives of those you care about. Take advantage of this precious opportunity to record YOUR gratitude, YOUR story, YOUR journey and YOUR legacy.

Treat this with the greatest care and respect. Record in your journal every day and it will become your window from present reality, to a transformed you, powered with YOUR words. Write On!